GRID (or SIEVES or SCREENS) for mill:

We produce grids for every mill and every use.

We produce customized grids on purpose.

Moreover, we are expert in the manufactured of grids with a higher percentage of open area, with a wide variety of thicknesses and of kinds of standard and multi-hole (high efficiency) perforation.

We have a wide stock of any type of perforated plates, which allow us to be fast in the delivery and to satisfy any urgent need.

As for the materials, we generally use ferrous steel, as well as special wear-resistant materials.




We mainly classify the perforations into:
•Standard: a commercial large pitch (hole-to-hole wheelbase) perforation, generally used in carpentry
•Multi-hole: a particularly close perforation with a far higher percentage of open area, being the holes much closer than in the standard one. They are defined as High Performance for the use in milling, filtering and sieving.

Moreover, CONIDUR® metal sheets are also available for particular milling or transport needs.

•Conidur metal sheets for particular milling or transport needs are also available.